Spotlight on: ERO Duplicate certificate service

Entry of birth certificate from Essex Record Office collection

In this blog we are focussing our attention on one of the newest services offered by the Essex Record Office - our duplicate certificate service.  Duplicate certificates are now centrally located at the Essex Record Office in Wharf Road, Chelmsford.

Operated jointly by staff from the Essex Record Office and Essex Registration Service our new duplicate certificate service is proving very popular with our customers.

The popularity of this new service is largely due to the introduction of an online order form that enables our customers to order copies of birth, marriage, or death certificates 24 x 7.  Many orders are being submitted overnight and at weekends.


Order copies of birth, marriage and death certificates from the Essex registers


Why would you need a copy certificate?

We detail here some of the main reasons you may need to get hold of duplicate certificates…


15 Reasons you may need a copy birth certificate:

  1. Job application or employer ID

  2. Obtaining benefits

  3. Obtaining a passport

  4. Registering a child for school

  5. Travelling on holiday to South Africa with your children

  6. Getting married abroad – some countries will only accept birth certificates issued in the past 6 months

  7. Giving notice of marriage

  8. Obtaining a driver’s licence

  9. Open a bank account

  10. Accessing your pension

  11. Obtaining a visa for travel to some countries e.g. USA

  12. Applying for a divorce

  13. Adopting a child

  14. Emigrating to another country

  15. Starting your family history


10 Reasons you may need a copy of a marriage certificate

  1. Obtaining a new passport in your married name

  2. Opening a bank account in your married name

  3. Arranging or accessing a pension

  4. Applying for benefits

  5. Applying for a new job (especially if your qualification certificates are in your maiden name)

  6. Applying for a driving licence

  7. Applying for a Visa

  8. Emigrating to another country

  9. Applying for a divorce

  10. Adopting a child


10 Reasons you may need a copy of a death certificate

  1. Redirecting the post from the address of the deceased

  2. Closing a bank or credit card account

  3. Applying for a grant of administration

  4. Changing or closing utility accounts

  5. Transferring ownership of a vehicle

  6. Claiming on a life insurance policy

  7. Transferring ownership of a property

  8. Accessing a pension

  9. Transferring ownership of shareholdings

  10. Doing your family history


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