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There has never been a better time to digitise your old VHS tapes

Family Videos

If you had your wedding recorded on VHS tape (or indeed any other significant family event) the chances are the cassettes are gathering dust in the attic, and you may not even have a player on which to play them.  Essex Record Office’s expert sound and video staff can bring these old memories back to life in the digital world, to be enjoyed and shared today and preserved for the future.

VCR and VHS tapes

VCR no longer available

There has never been a better time to digitise your VHS tapes than now – the last remaining manufacturer of video cassette recorders (VCRs), Funai Electric in Japan, ceased production of the machines at the end of July 2016.

Funai logo

At their height back in the 1980s Funai alone were selling 15 million VCRs per year.  In the last year, however, sales had dropped to 750,000, most of these in China under the Sanyo brand.

It had also become increasingly difficult for Funai to source parts for the production of new machines.  

In reality, most UK High Street retailers stopped selling VCRs many years ago.

What is the solution?

If you have precious memories stored on VHS tapes, the good news is that the Essex Record Office can digitise your tapes and convert them to a digital format loaded onto a DVD, memory stick, or even the cloud.

Each tape is carefully digitised by our experienced sound and video archivists, not just fed into a computerised machine with no monitoring.  We care for each and every tape we digitise.

Sound and video studio

Our fully equipped sound and video archive studios can tackle a wide range of different formats for you including:

  •          VHS
  •          Betamax
  •          VHS-C
  •          Video 8
  •          DV / miniDV

We can also digitise old audio records – if you have a collection of old LPs, 45s or even 78s that you can’t play because you don’t have a machine to play them on any longer, we can solve that problem for you too.

We can bring your history back to life!

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