Sound & video services

We can preserve your old recordings, or provide talks and training.

Do you have precious material stored on vinyl records, open reel tapes, and cassette and video tapes or other outdated media?

We offer an affordable way to digitise this material for preservation. Email or fill in an enquiry form to request a quote.

Our clients trust us to treat their precious recordings with the same care and attention we give to our own collections – and to produce the same high quality results. Our clients include the Royal Horticultural Society, London Metropolitan Archives, Brentwood School, the Royal College of Nursing and Jesus College, Cambridge.


We can provide digital master and access copies of the following formats:

Grooved discs

  • 78rpm shellac discs
  • Vinyl discs
  • Lacquer discs
  • Aluminium discs


  • C30, C60, C90, C120
  • Mini-cassettes
  • Micro-cassettes

Reel to reel tapes (¼")

  • Full track mono
  • Half track
  • Quarter track

Other formats

  • Mini-disc
  • DAT
  • VHS
  • Betamax
  • Video8/Hi-8
  • DV, miniDV, and DVCAM

Talks, presentations and consultancy

We offer a range of talks, presentations and consultancy services on a range of subjects related to audio-visual archives. Contact us for more details.

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