Digitisation services

High quality images of archive, library and museum collections

We offer secure, state-of-the-art facilities for digitising archives, books, artefacts, works of art and audio-visual records.

We have years of experience in digitising our own collections, and can use this expertise to produce high quality, professional digital images of your collections.

Whether you are a heritage organisation requiring digitisation of a whole collection, or an individual with a collection of family papers and photographs, we offer a range of digitisation services to suit your needs.

Our suite of professional-quality camera systems can capture materials of any size up to AO, and provide digital outputs for publication, preservation or any other purpose.

Fully qualified and experienced operators are supported by the Record Office’s archivists and conservators in the safe handling of your collections.

Secure storage is provided by our own repository while your material is in our care.

For a free estimate, or to discuss your project, e-mail ero.enquiry@essex.gov.uk or fill in an enquiry form.