Victorian Children

There are three sets of resources you can use to explore Victorian life with your students through real historical documents.

Victorian school photographs

This pack is centred around two sets of photographs of a school. The black and white photographs are from Victorian times (around 1900) and show the outside, classroom and a school photograph. These photographs are part of the Essex Record Office collection. The colour photographs were taken at the same school today (2017), following in the Victorian photographer's footsteps as closely as possible.

Victorian photographs - teachers' notes

Victorian photographs - PowerPoint presentation


Victorian school log book

Digitally take your students through the pages of this Victorian log book (a professional diary kept by Headteachers) and find out about school discipline, workhouse children and the teachers of this Victorian school.

Victorian school log book - teachers' notes 

Victorian school log book - PowerPoint presentation


Victorian Census

Use this PowerPoint to explore with your students what the Census is and what information it holds, including clues about the lives of Victorian children. Discover Census returns connected to Charles Darwin and Florence Nightingale. Lighten up your lessons with some comments added to the Census that might make you smile.

Victorian Census - teachers' notes

Victorian Census - PowerPoint presentation